Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hello Boys

Her image has stopped traffic, when she was modelling the wonderbra for the "Hello Boys" campaign. Her body has made headlines. She has been a sex symbol since the 1990s, but now Eva Herzigova is working a hot new look, the pregnant look. She is 7 months pregnant by her long-term boyfriend, Italian entrepreneur Gregorio Marsiaj, and she couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s round and proud.
“I’m just so happy. I want to be pregnant for the next 10 years,” she declares with a beatific smile. Pregnancy, she says, has changed her life. “I feel so powerful. You have no idea. But it’s an inner power. You are so content with just being. That’s how it is. I feel so confident about my body. I feel so potent. You feel like you have your mission, and it’s empowering.”
Today, she could hardly be more glowing with good health. “I gained 10 kilos and I’ve just finished my sixth month,” she boasts. She attributes this to a new-found craving for cakes, biscuits and all things sugary-sweet: “I have developed a taste for sweets. I never liked chocolate before.”
Pregnancy hasn’t slowed down her career. If anything, she is using it as an opportunity to celebrate her new shape. She announced her condition by doing a Demi Moore and appearing seminude on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair. “Many times,” she says, “women disappear when they become pregnant. They start to hide and feel like they don’t want to be seen. I think that’s wrong.”
“Modelling was a great school,” she says. “I’ve learnt so much; I’ve travelled the world. But now I feel like my life is less about me and my career. I don’t want to become Mother Teresa, but I feel as if I could do something for others. Being a mother, it makes you relate to people. I’m not just a model any more, I’m more of a person.”

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