Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nigo launches A Bathing Ape book

Woohoo Nigo is coming out with a Bathing Ape book in November. It will detail the rise of the young and talented design genius simply known as Nigo and his transformation of a niche brand into an international powerhouse. Bape's core business focuses on limited-edition hip-hop apparel, sneakers, a full line of women's accessories, collectible vinyl toys, fragrances and even its own indie record label. The hardbound, large-format coffee table books will retail for $60 each.

I wonder when Nigo will be back in Hong Kong. He's such a cool and down-to-earth, humble guy. That reminds me....I should post Pharrell and Nigo's interview here......lemme look for it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Renzo Rosso held massive Diesel party in Hong Kong

Renzo Rosso is THE man!! He is worth a billion dollars or more, yet he manages to keep his feet on the ground. Yesterday it was the ground in Hong Kong. Diesel held a major fashion show/party event out in West Kowloon to launch the new Gold Black line. Unfortunately, it was way too packed, and I left early. But Rosso still remains the man. I've become a huge fan just getting to know him and learning about his "Only the Brave" fund and his low-key life in Molvena, where they make "Diesel" wine!!!....which is very good btw! Hehe....

John Mayer in Hong Kong for Coach

Yay we're all so excited about the Coach event, May 30, Friday. It's John Mayer's first time in Hong Kong and he'll actually be performing!! Believe it or not, the singer has been here since Tuesday. "I've just been laying low," the talented musician says. Obviously he didn't comment on his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. "Hiding something and not telling the truth is different from choosing not to talk about it." Ok fair enough, we'll respect your privacy and adore you because that makes you even cooler. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the Guitar God.
PS: oh yeah and rumours has it that Jennifer Aniston was in Hong Kong together with John Mayer.....not sure if this is true though. Nobody saw her...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Metamorphoses of an American

I'm really excited about Karl's new photo book, Metamorphoses of an American. Here are some of the cool pics he took of his muse Brad Kroenig, the world's most sough-after male model. Enjoy!

Romancing The Stone

Guess what I found in the latest Prestige Hong Kong's an interview with David Yurman. Their Fashion Editor, Vivienne Tang, who also interviewed Nina Garcia, did the interview with him. I like it.....especially the part where he describes how he met his wife, Sybil Yurman, and fell in love with her. It's really romantic. Hopefully my future husband will remember all those details after 30 years of marriage. Anyway, check it out.

Romancing The Stone

David and Sybil Yurman’s aesthetic journey leads them to Hong Kong, where they find Asian refinement and sensibility

DAVID YURMAN WHIPS out his little notebook again to show me the sketches he made today. He writes notes wherever he goes. He can’t afford to lose any of the creative ideas springing from his restless and inventive mind. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone,” he says. “I write notes almost every day if something catches me . . . it could be the skyline, it could be the clouds. The creative part of designing is about allowing yourself to just see and absorb. Don’t do anything with it. That comes later. Just be receptive to it.” He looks out over the harbour. “It’s changing . . . it’s like looking into a fireplace. Do you ever watch fire? It just takes you away.”

David Yurman’s boundless creativity builds the core of his jewellery company, his passion for design singularly expressed in the unique pieces he creates. His name is most often associated with his signature cable jewellery, made from twisted sterling silver ropes. But his label isn’t a one-man show. Behind every great man, there is a great woman. His wife Sybil and he established the company in 1979. Yurman was already designing sculptures in high school, but his career in the arts took off in the 60s, when he met Sybil. He recalls that day, when he was sculpting in Greenwich Village.

“I was in charge of a group of seven guys,” he remembers. “Sybil came to the studio to work as a secretary, and we all stopped. All the torches went off. It was a loft. The elevator was on one end, and she had to walk 75 feet. She had black boots, red laces and little bells. Kting . . . It was like Clint Eastwood, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It’s like she had spurs. Kting, kting, kting . . . black hair like an afro, and she was wearing a Peruvian Alpaca wool skirt.” Yurman laughs, picturing every detail. “We all said to each other, ‘Did you see that? Oh my god! I’m going to take the day off!’ She was just a knock out.”

The two started a romance and have been together ever since. Sybil, who was an artist, started showing her paintings in galleries. She was a source of inspiration and led Yurman from sculpture to jewellery design. She also helped him organise the business when it started to expand.

“I shipped the jewellery to the wrong customers . . . totally dyslexic, and I couldn’t get things in the right boxes. She said, ‘Let me take care of the shipping. You just get them done.’ ”

With Sybil’s help the company became more structured and better organised, and eventually Yurman took over the business side. It remains a family business today, with Sybil controlling the work and taking on the role of design editor while son Evan is in charge of men’s jewellery and men’s watches.

David Yurman is recognised as one of America’s leading fine jewellers, with 17 free-standing stores in the US. The new Hong Kong store is the company’s 18th and is currently the only one overseas. Others are in the pipeline, including Moscow, Dubai and Macau. Yurman wants to expand and evolve while keeping things small. “I’m not an octopus,” he says. “I’m not an uber-brand, and this is to me as much a commercial as an aesthetic adventure. There is an Asian aesthetic, a certain refinement I had to understand . . . and am attracted to. There is a sensibility that is valuable to absorb.”

For David it’s all about following what makes him feel good, taking the time to watch those clouds, acknowledging considerations and feelings. And it’s important to him to know where his gems come from and who the people are that are sorting and cutting them. “When you are taking something from the Earth, how it gets taken from the Earth means something to me,” he says. “That is in the stone.” – Vivienne Tang

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Linda wears Prada

Sasha Pivovarova is about to be dethroned by 90’s supermodel Linda Evangelista as the face of the next Prada autumn/winter 08 campaign. The 43-year-old Canadian born model, mother and former face of M.A.C Viva Glam and L’Oréal is going to be shot by Steven Meisel. Her last project with Meisel was the satirical headline-making Vogue “Makeover Madness” issue, which featured a photo shoot of models getting plastic surgery. Strangely enough, Evangelista publicly admitted that she regularly gets Botox injections to combat wrinkles.

Versace goes Political

Carla Bruni isn’t the only Italian who is adding a fashionable twist to the political arena. Santo Versace, the older brother of Donatella and the late Gianni is now a member of the State Chamber. But rumour has it that Santo might be heading for a cabinet post in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s administration soon. Santo, who is also the president of Gianni Versace SpA has been the power behind the house of Versace. He has been running the business side of the company since the beginning, and claims that he won’t give up his duties within the family business. Perhaps he plans on extending the dynasty through his daughter Francesca, who graduated from Central Saint Martins in London and is already creating a stir as an up-and-coming designer.

Yurman’s scent

Jeweller David Yurman has unveiled his latest addition to his growing collections of crystal and cable jewellery. His feminine signature fragrance has a floral scent and comes in a bottle designed with artistic director David Lipman. The flacon is made of Italian crystal and the cap evokes the signature cable jewellery. The new scent is available as eau de parfum spray in three sizes, as well as body cream. A men’s fragrance is already in the pipeline.

Rise to the Occasion

Christian Lacroix’s design experience is literally rising to new heights. The legendary designer has been asked to apply his signature skills on an avant-garde high-rise building in Dubai. Lacroix and the Middle Eastern real estate development firm Abyaar will team up for the joint venture to create a residential tower in one of Dubai’s exclusive beachside suburbs. The skyscraper will incorporate a Lacroix-designed façade, lobby and luxury interiors with a contemporary and baroque look, fusing East and West. The launch date has not been confirmed yet.

Viktor & Rolf Retrospective

The Dutch design duo, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, are holding their first exhibition in London. The retrospective will take place at London’s Barbican Gallery this month, debuting June 18. The house of Viktor & Rolf will present signature pieces from 1992 to present, along with a book that boasts over 200 colour photos, drawings, sketches and polaroids from the label. During the exhibition the Barbican Art Gallery boutique will sell accessories, clothes and a special limited edition fragrance, as well as other knickknacks that have inspired the design team on their design journey.

Fashion Snaps

After a quick collaboration with Italian furnishing company Molteni & C, Vivienne Westwood is back in the news with her Opus Hong Kong exhibition this month. Vivienne Westwood launched her Opus book last February, featuring polaroids of her and her closest friends. The polaroids have only been exhibited in London so far, and Hong Kong will be the second stop this month before the exhibition tours to Milan, Tokyo and Russia. More than 30 giant polaroids will be displayed as well as the big Opus book.

Armani on Screen

For the fashion house Giorgio Armani, the expression Total Look takes on a new dimension. After the launch of Armani Casa, fiori, dolci and telefono, Mr Armani is now adding televisore to his empire. Now you can watch your favourite DVDs and TV shows on an Armani/Samsung LCD television. It will come in two sizes (46-inch and 52-inch), featuring cutting edge technology, such as 100hz Full HD and HDMI connectors. The TV will be launched in France, Italy, Russia and Korea mid summer, a good excuse to book your next holiday.

Sole to Sole

Have you ever wished to get a makeover for your worn out Louboutins? Well, now you no longer have to chuck your favourite red soled high heels. You will soon be able to repair your shoes without loosing the signature soles, because Christian Louboutin decided to include an extra pair in each shoe box.

Let Them Eat Kate

As promised here they are! ....once again Kate is so terribly H O T! Anyway the pics speak for themselves.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Cut

Check out Nina Garcia's final interview in the May issue of Hong Kong's Prestige magazine before she got sacked at Elle. The interview is very interesting as it also raises the question of motherhood in the fashion industry. Vivienne Tang spoke to Nina Garcia before she came back to New York and split from Elle magazine. Read what she says about the competitive nature of her job and what might have been the cause for the split.....Garcia must have known that her position was precarious.
“Yes, there is a lot of pressure,” she concedes. “But having my son is a very big source of strength. You have to keep it all in perspective. Some people can be very jealous, competitive or mean. But I think that happens in every business. It’s a little more highlighted in the fashion industry, because it’s a creative business. What happens when it’s creative … nobody knows how long they’re going to be there. The turnover is very quick. So people get even more insecure about their jobs and positions, the hierarchy. It’s silly! But you have to keep it in perspective. It’s only fashion.”
Yeah right it's only fashion!?! Now let's see if she's really that laid back about it as she says she is. Anyway we wish her all the luck in the world.....but perhaps she should just enjoy playtime with her son!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

White Wedding for Kate

Kate says "I do" in the next Agent Provocateur bridal campaign. The hot and saucy campaign, shot by Nick Knight, will be launching this weekend...and we'll be posting all the pics here!! Stay tuned....