Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Cut

Check out Nina Garcia's final interview in the May issue of Hong Kong's Prestige magazine before she got sacked at Elle. The interview is very interesting as it also raises the question of motherhood in the fashion industry. Vivienne Tang spoke to Nina Garcia before she came back to New York and split from Elle magazine. Read what she says about the competitive nature of her job and what might have been the cause for the split.....Garcia must have known that her position was precarious.
“Yes, there is a lot of pressure,” she concedes. “But having my son is a very big source of strength. You have to keep it all in perspective. Some people can be very jealous, competitive or mean. But I think that happens in every business. It’s a little more highlighted in the fashion industry, because it’s a creative business. What happens when it’s creative … nobody knows how long they’re going to be there. The turnover is very quick. So people get even more insecure about their jobs and positions, the hierarchy. It’s silly! But you have to keep it in perspective. It’s only fashion.”
Yeah right it's only fashion!?! Now let's see if she's really that laid back about it as she says she is. Anyway we wish her all the luck in the world.....but perhaps she should just enjoy playtime with her son!!

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