Monday, April 16, 2007

Slagging match

It's not often that one of the biggest names in fashion refers to themselves as a "slag". But that's how Barneys' Simon Doonan did when comparing himself to Kate Moss recently. "She is not a high-born girl," he said. "She's a working-class slag from a crap town, like me!" Talking about the supermodel's KM collection for TopShop, which launches in the UK on May 1 and stateside one week later, the creative director said, "Kate is playing to her strengths here. She has a sphinx-like cool, she's a girl with a genuine mystique. You have to understand the concept of TopShop in Britain - there is really no equivalent here. It has fashion cred, street cred - it cuts across all socio-economic lines. It has a bizarre, democratic cool and Kate is the perfect person for them." Doonan will himself be styling the window displays for Moss' collection, in time for her appearance at the store on May 8.

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