Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stella for skin care

There's a new frontier in the wild world of fashion and a few big name designers have already started to stake their claims. Stella McCartney has joined a select but growing group of fashion designers, including Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford, who are getting under the skin of the beauty business.
McCartney, 35, says personal integrity was a key ingredient in her commitment to creating organic skin care products. "I just don't think that there is a great deal of luxury, organic products out there and I've found that quite frustrating," she said in an e-mail interview. "I don't see why the luxury element in a skin care line needs to be compromised in order for the organic element to be fully present."
McCartney worked with YSL Beauté to create her product line, Care. It will go on sale in June at McCartney's own boutiques. The products are already available in Continental Europe.

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