Monday, May 28, 2007

Tom Ford's new scents

Tom Ford just celebrated the launch of his Private Blend perfume. 12 individual and unusual scents, including vanilla tobacco and Tuscan leather, are being sold in old-fashioned apothecary-style bottles and can be mixed together according to one's own personal taste. "The concept behind this is similar to that behind my new menswear line. I want to create extremely unique and exclusive products, unlike some of my previous projects," he smiled, referring to his time at Gucci, when making the brand accessible to all by selling everything from keyrings to dresses. With stunning displays of Ford's new fragrances filling up each of Harvey Nichols' 11 windows, the immaculate designer's latest venture is as aesthetically pleasing as his loyal customers would expect. But what about a womenswear collection - when will we finally be put out of our misery? "It is on the cards. I can't promise when, but I can promise I'm thinking about it."

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