Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tom Ford on the Penis

Tom Ford has dedicated a story on male nudity to the GQ UK Style issue for spring/summer. He explores why looking at and talking about naked men makes us so uneasy. "Why is it 'gay' for another man to comment on another man's figure, when women can freely tell other women their boobs look great?" he asks. "Like women, men notice how members of their sex look, Ford explains. But "it's so uncomfortable for us to fit 'masculine' and 'beauty' together. So we tend to avoid the issue entirely."

Anyway, Tom Ford was shocked when he found that they had censored all the penises.
“I was really pissed off about that. That wasn’t why I got [involved]. It was supposed to be full-frontal male nudity, which was the way we shot it, and then the magazine censored all that!”
“Because I find the human body beautiful. I don’t find sex objectionable. Violence is objectionable.”

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