Saturday, March 31, 2007

Puma meets Central Saint Martins

Puma has been collaborating with everyone from Jil Sander and Neil Barrett to Philippe Starck and most recently Alexander McQueen to create unique collections. This time Puma is teaming with the world's most famous fashion design school. Puma approached Central Saint Martins with a re-design project with a view to supporting young talent and becoming the proud sponsor of the graduate fashion show. The students were given the opportunity to re- design footwear from PUMA’s Super Hot List , which include iconic Puma styles like the GV and the London Trail Boot . 1st prize went to Georgy Baratashvili for the redesign of the Puma London Trail boot. Puma liked the dance shoe inspiration and the fact that it was designed as a unisex shoe. "The concept of having a shoe within another shoe is really clever too. Georgy had really considered the PUMA formstripe branding, which doubles as a functional part of the shoe."

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